Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions:

Defined Terms:
Rental Equipment – any and all equipment rented by the customer from Central Sanitation pursuant to this Rental Agreement.

Rental Agreement – this agreement including all terms for rental of the Rental Equipment, payment for such rental, and the terms and conditions set out below.

Rental Period – the period from which the Rental Equipment is within your possession and/or control, being the time when the Rental Equipment is delivered to
you, and continuing until the Rental Equipment is picked up by Central Sanitation. The rental period corresponds with the billed-to date, as specified in the
invoice’s description.

Customer – shall mean the customer as identified in this Rental Agreement.

The terms and conditions included in your rental agreement are as follows:
1. The customer is responsible for any and all damages to the Rental Equipment during the Rental Period, and agrees to pay all costs of retail and/or
replacement of the equipment or its components, including but not limited to the following costs if the following damages occur to the Rental Equipment:
(a) Flooring damage – $750.00 plus HST ($100 for parts, $600 for labour);
(b) Tank Heater Replacement – $125 plus HST ($50 for parts, $75 for labour)
(c) Paint damage – $480 plus HST ($80 for parts, $400 for labour);
(d) Frost damage (if power source is removed prior to pick up) – Minimum fee of $200.00 plus HST, plus parts and labour costs incurred in repair;
(e) Vandalism/destruction/smoking damage/unauthorized modification – Minimum fee of $200.00 plus parts and labour costs incurred in repair;
(f) $50.00 plus HST, per hour for any labour on repairs;
(g) Parts at cost plus applicable HST on repairs;

Note: Damage less than $400 to portable toilets (excluding trailers and monopans) are covered under the damage waiver fee.

The customer acknowledges and confirms that any and all damages shall be invoiced to the customer and shall be due and payable within 30 days of the date
of the invoice. Any balance remaining unpaid after 30 days will bear interest at a rate of 2% per month (24% per annum, calculated monthly). In addition, the
customer shall also be responsible for all costs incurred to collect the invoice, including not limited to any collection agency fees and legal fees and

Cancellations before the billed-to date, as indicated in the invoice’s description, will not be eligible for a refund.

All Rental Agreements are subject to a potential service charge of in the event of cancellation.