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White Wedding Toilet

This unit provides a portable toilet that will blend in around the other white surroundings at your venue and will not stick out as a bright focal point. Inside these units contain a flush toilet, sink, soap and paper towel dispenser. The units are bigger inside than traditional portable toilets making it roomier for single users or accommodating for parents with children.



Maximum ventilation
Spacious design
Anti-slip floor surface
Occupancy signal latch
Two tissue rolls
Sanitary seat deck and floor design
Translucent roof for better lighting
Corner tank
Non-splash urinal


Exterior Height: 91 in / 231 cm
Interior Height: 83 in / 211 cm
Exterior Width: 47 in / 119 cm
Interior Width: 45.5 in / 116 cm
Standard Base Exterior Length: 48 in / 121.9 cm
Interior Length: 43 in / 109 cm
Holding Tank: 60 gal / 227 L
Seat Height: 19.5 in / 49 cm

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